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6 Do’s And Don’ts for Drinking Water

6 Do’s And Don’ts for Drinking Water

Water is the basic need for survival and we know that really well. All living organisms whether it is plants or us, need water to survive.  Besides this, water also helps to perform several activities as well as functions in the body as well as the surrounding environment.

Research suggests that, for the body to function properly, several organs require a decent amount of water. Our brain requires 80% of water, lungs 90%, blood 83%, bones 30%, muscles 75% and skin 64% each day. Thus, it can be said that we are more or less living because of the water we drink.

But, certain drinking practices need to be followed while we drink water to ensure that it does not cause any harm. Some of these practices are shared below-

Do’s for drinking water

  • Drink an adequate amount of water everyday. If you stay in a hot and humid climate, you would definitely drink a lot of water. It is recommended that you should drink 2 to 3 litres of water every day.
  • Drink unflavoured, plain drinking water.
  • Always drink water while you are sitting. It is the best practice that you should follow.
  • Drink water when you sweat. Drink water to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Drink clean, safe and healthy room temperature water.
  • The best time to drink water are, when you wake up in the morning and an hour before and after meals and also before going to bed.

Don’ts for drinking water

  • Avoid drinking water while standing because this can cause arthritis. You might as well  face the problem of colic pain if you drink water while you stand.
  • Drinking water while standing can damage your kidney. When you stand and drink water it goes straight to the bladder which is harmful for your kidneys.
  • Also, you must not lie down when you drink water as this might change the way of water to the oesophagus.
  • Do not wait for the feeling of thirst. The feeling of thirst is the symptom of 1–2% dehydration.
  • Do not drink too much water. Drinking 2 to 3 litres a day is enough for our daily needs, provided that this 2 to 3  litres.
  • You must include liquid in your diet in different forms and not just pure water.

It can be concluded that, though it is important to drink water one must follow the above-mentioned practices for keeping oneself healthy. Above mentioned practices must be followed to avoid ill-effects of drinking water.

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