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FSSAI License for Packaged Drinking Water

Packaged Drinking Water License

FSSAI is the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India is the official body that handles food processing, manufacturing, and storage in India. FSSAI holds the authority to perform all the various functions that fall under the Food Safety and Standard Act, 2006. FSSAI Registration is the packaged drinking water license system. The FSSAI license is mandatory for people who wish to enter the packaged drinking water business.

Before we jump into knowing more about FSSAI, let’s take a look at the admitted water sources for packaged drinking water.

  • Surface water
  • Civic water supply
  • Underground water
  • Seawater
  • Any other consistent source of water

These are the common sources of packaged drinking water. Now, diving back into more on FSSAI. It is necessary to obtain an FSSAI License to get into water packaging, but why?

Why is it Necessary to Get FSSAI License?

FSSAI states that all the unlicensed packaging drinking water plant companies will be whipped up. All the drinking water plants must have all their documents and paper work completed. FSSAI has a team of experts that constantly work to assist the water plants with all the help needed.

SSI registration is amongst the first few documents required to open a packaged drinking water plant. Obtaining a FSSAI license adds value and character to your drinking water product, it also certifies the quality.

Pure and hygienic water is of utmost importance. Bad quality of water can lead to various deadly diseases. Water is a basic necessity and must be filtered well to be at its purest form. To run a packaged drinking water plant you would be required to have an FSSAI License in your name. BIS and FSSAI license are the two important licenses for water packaging plants, and only a few companies have been certified with both.

The public has faith in the brands selling packaged drinking water, so they must meet the set standard. Filtered, clean, and non-toxic water is the need of the hour. Packaged drinking water is a source of readily available drinking water. Hence, to be sure of the authenticity you must obtain a license for the selling and buying of the packaged drinking water.

Government of India and the Ministry of Health and Family Affairs are the controlling bodies that extend FSSAI online Food License. FSSAI Licenses are of 3 types it’s all depends on the annual turnover of the Packaged Drinking Water Plant.

  • Basic FSSAI License: FBOs that have their annual turnover of less than Rs.12 lakh.
  • State FSSAI License: FBOs with an annual turnover more than Rs.12 lakh but less than Rs.20 Crore.
  • Central FSSAI License: The Food business operator with an annual turnover more than Rs.20 Crore.

It is necessary to have the mandated certifications, if you are planning to open up a packaged drinking water plant. Before you jump into the bandwagon of packaged drinking water plant, take into note all the basics and the important components.

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