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How long does the Packaged Water last?

The run to grocery stores have minimized and stocking up of products and items online have become the new thing. This sudden change has come to light, as an answer to stay safe during the Coronavirus pandemic. You stock up all the groceries and are aware of their expiration dates, but what about packaged drinking water? Are you aware of the expiry date, or if it even expires, or what are the consequences of drinking bottled water post the expiration date. Here, we answer all this and more.

First things first, does Bottled water go bad?

The answer is, Yes. When it comes to water bottles, some people see the expiration dates as only a guideline, they believe that only paranoid people abide by such strict dates. However, believe it or not, you must pay close attention to the expiration date mentioned on the plastic water bottles.
Thankfully, in contrast to most forms of foods, drinking water has a generous expiration date. Unopened bottled water, that has not been opened, would last up to two years. However, opened water bottles can last a couple of weeks. However, it is best to check the specific expiration date for the particular packaged water bottle.

We tend to turn a blind eye to the fact that bottled water goes bad, all this because the water appears to taste just the same. But, would you do the same with meat or dairy goods? Let’s hope not. As for those who ignore the date on their packaging, the consequences of consuming spoiled meat or dairy have some major repercussions. Drinking water would not cause you immediate effects until its expiration date, but it will have a permanent detrimental influence on your health.

What happens if you drink bad bottled water?

Usually it isn’t the water that goes bad, instead it’s the plastic that holds the water. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or high-density polyethylene (HDPE) for water cooler jugs is usually the plastic used for bottled water. These plastics will eventually melt into the water over time or, rather, they will seep into the water. If the water is subjected to heat, whether it’s heat from the sun, cars, or even the heat from sitting in a hot garage or delivery vehicle, this process gets accelerated.

Plastic is porous, anywhere that it is processed, it can draw on the foreign odors and other components. So if you store your bottled water in a hot garage, it may take on the flavors of those hot garage and most likely any contaminants that you might have exposed. Again, the results are not likely to be instant, but the effects are also detrimental. Health authorities agree that expired water exposes the human body to fertility complications, multiple causes of disease, and serious immune system damage and may cause neurological problems. Overall, it is best to stop drinking water that has expired.

Don’t Ever Risk Drinking Expired Water
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