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Water is essential for human body and contains most significant nutrients. People are able to survive without food for a few weeks but cannot survive without water for a week. Water is the cornerstone of all vital body functions and is also the most abundant substance of the human body. Water has several functions to perform in the body and this is why it is important to keep the body hydrated throughout the day. Children are in their growing phase which is why it is important for their body to be well-hydrated at all times so that the body functions are proper and their body doesn’t have to face any inconvenience due to dehydration.

Age-Wise Water For Children

All those children who are in their growing age need to drink certain amount of water so that their body can function in optimum manner. Listed below is the proper amount of water that children should be given as per their age which meets their daily water consumption requirements:

  • Children aged 4 to 8 Years: 7 Cups of Water per day
  • Children aged 9 – 13 Years: 10 Cups of Water per day
  • Children aged 14 – 18 Years: 12 – 14 Cups of Water per day

Irrespective of the gender of the child, they should be given this amount of water so that their daily water requirement is fulfilled.

How Can an Online Water Delivery Help?

While young kids might not remember when they should drink water unless they are quite hungry, it becomes your responsibility as a parent to keep a track of how much water your child is consuming and whether it meets their daily water consumption or not. There are online water delivery app with which you can order packaged water. There are varying types of water bottles or containers that are available at the online water delivery service providers which you can order as per your requirement.

You can order smaller water bottles which you can use especially for your kids. Monitoring every hour can be a little difficult for you as well and considering factors like school and other activities students get engaged, it will become even more difficult for you to track how much water your kid is consuming. With smaller water bottles from the online water delivery app, you can keep a track of the total water consumed by your child. This will help you in devising a smart water consumption plan for your child. Whether you are near your child or not, with such containers, you will be able to know how much water consumption is taking place and where you need to work with your child.

Become a smart parent by introducing technical brilliance in your daily lives with the help of online water delivery app and take care of your family in the most effective manner.

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