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Overviewing The Mineral Contents of Water and How They Are Helpful?

If you ask a scientist about water, they will tell you that it is a pure liquid form of H2O and is what we consume every day. However, you should know that the water that we drink is not exactly pure H2O. Wondering what that means? Well, water that we drink often have impurities that include dietary minerals but how can one distinguish the good and the harmful chemicals in the water. How can you know?

Let’s understand the major minerals in the water:

Ca2+ (Calcium): It plays an important role in supporting one’s healthy growth and steady bone development. There is evidence that is suitable enough to prove that calcium consumption can help reduce the chances of osteoporosis and potential hip fracture. However, there have been studies about 50% of people do not consume enough calcium.

Mg2+ (Magnesium): Another thing that you will find in water is Magnesium, which is another element that plays an essential role in preventing heart related diseases. A lot of people nowadays have inadequate levels of magnesium and sodium in their diet which leads to different kind of diseases. This is why it is advised to consume mineral water.

Na2+ (Sodium): This is another main element that is important as we need sodium in our diet on a regular basis. However, too much consumption of diet can lead to high blood pressure therefore, you need to balance the diet.

F- (Fluoride): Yes, it is believed that fluoride is the main element found in toothpaste and it may cause potential health risks. However, it is naturally found in water in some region but consuming a basic amount regularly shall cause no harm.

Now that we know the main minerals that are found in water are enough to prove that ‘pure’ water is healthier with added mineral. Does water really have enough minerals to make a significant contribution to the mineral consumption levels? Let’s discuss and understand if we really need to filter the water. Well, you can order bailey mineral water in greater Noida from One’s Need as we are the leading and trusted e-commerce water delivery service. Given the fact that we earlier talked about the potential health benefits of consuming mineral water. Well, there are commercial filters available that are used for removing components in the water such as magnesium or calcium as they make the water ‘hard’ and make the taste of the water different. Choosing the right filter can be a tedious task and to ease that stress, contact us.

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