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Rehydrate Your Body with Clean Drinking Water

Rehydrate Your Body with Clean Drinking Water

Each cell, organ, and tissue, in our body, is dependent on water to function properly. Water is required to maintain body temperature, get rid of waste, lubricate the joints, and much more. Water is required for every step and process of our body. Activities like heavy sweating, sauna session, hot yoga, and intense workout, all tend to drain the body and leave it dehydrated. This means it’s time to revive and rehydrate the body with plenty of fluids. But how do you know if the body needs rehydration? Let’s discuss it further.

What are the signs and symptoms of Dehydration?

Here are some signs and symptoms of dehydration.

  • Dry and flaky skin
  • Increased thirst
  • Drowsiness
  • Headache
  • Tiredness
  • Infrequent Urination

Other than the above-mentioned, you can also assess the hydration status by the urine colour. Pale colour means sufficient hydration. The colour may change due to other factors, so one must not always rely on urine colour as the deciding factor for the hydration level.

After Dehydration, it is now time to talk about rehydration.

What are the best ways to rehydrate quickly?

  • Water – Hydration means water, to most of our understanding hydration stands for drinking water. Water contains no added sugars or calories and hence is the best way to quench thirst and rehydrate the body with no side effects. The only factor that comes into play here is drinking clean and uncontaminated water. To ensure clean drinking water you can go for bottled water. There are drinking water delivery apps that can deliver packaged drinking water to your doorstep.
  • Coffee and Tea – These energizing alternatives work well in hydrating the body when consumed at a moderate rate. If coffee or tea don’t excite you, go for unsweetened soy milk or almond milk. You can add some nutmeg or cinnamon to make flavoured milk. 
  • Fruits and Vegetables – I wouldn’t be shocked if this comes out as a surprise to you. But the fact remains that about 80-90% of water is present in our fruits and vegetables. This is why they become a great hydrating snack. 

Fruits and vegetables with the highest water content include:

  • Berries
  • Grapes
  • Carrots
  • Lettuce
  • Melons
  • Oranges
  • Cabbage
  • Spinach
  • Oral Hydration Solutions – Oral hydration solutions are advanced formulations used to avoid and treat dehydration caused by vomiting, diarrhoea or any other reason. These hydration solutions are marketed to strengthen fitness regeneration and manage hangovers. The water-based formulations typically contain electrolytes such as sodium, chloride, and potassium, and sugar, generally in the form of dextrose. Some commercial products also contain some ingredients like prebiotics and zinc.

Although these rehydration beverages help restore missing fluids and electrolytes, they can be expensive.  

Dehydration is the body’s way of telling you that it is losing more fluids than it is taking in. the body signals towards drinking more water and consuming more liquid. For most people increasing water intake, works best while for others, it becomes a struggle due to lack of clean drinking water. It is an indication that it is time to make the switch towards the packaged drinking water. It is now convenient to get packaged drinking water delivered to your doorstep with a drinking water delivery app. Clean drinking water is a necessity and must not be neglected.

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