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Tap Water Vs Packaged Drinking Water, which is better?

Tap Water Vs Packaged

Bottled water or packaged drinking water has gained popularity over the past few years. What might be the reason for this visible difference? The first reason is definitely the level of safety. Tap water usually doesn’t undergo any filtration process, while packaged drinking water undergoes various cycles of filtration and numerous quality checks before reaching you. Some people also have taste issues with tap water.

Bottled water Vs Tap Water

Packaged drinking water reaches the market for sale only after being duly approved by Food and Administration (FDA). Packaged drinking water is safe, tastes better and much more convenient than tap water. Here’s how bottled water is better:

  • Use of sanitary conditions to handle the tasks of processing, bottling, transport, as well as storage.
  • Protecting the water from bacteria and chemicals is also a part of the filtration process.
  • Implementing the quality control to protect against microbial and chemical contaminants.
  • Sampling as well as testing the source water and the final product to get clarity on the contaminants.

Hence, packaged drinking water is a safer option. Another reason to prefer packaged drinking water over tap water is the taste. It has a distinctly different taste than the tap water.

Another important thing that sets the tune for packaged drinking water is the convenience. For instance, if you are set to travel what would you prefer? Most people would prefer packaged drinking water, for a simple reason, that it is convenient to carry. Also, if you run out of your bottle of water you can always buy another one from any eating joint on the way.

So which is a better option Tap water or Bottled water?

Overall both the water are used for the purpose of hydration. Tap water is generally economical but also not filtered so it can cause health troubles. Tap water can be better for the environment, since there is no use of plastic container. Packaged drinking water comes handy the most when you make a shift of place. For instance, someone who has recently shifted to a new city and is skeptical about the supply water finds solace in packaged drinking water. Since, they only deliver assured quality.

The convenience is better when it comes to packaged drinking water, for instance you can carry your bailley packaged drinking water or any other preferred brand of drinking water along with you without any hassle. It would be correct to say that it is a personal choice, for some tap water with some home filtration process works just fine, while for others properly filtered water that goes through multiple filtration process like a packaged drinking water, is the only option.

In case, you are someone looking for easy and hassle-free way to get bailey packaged drinking water delivered to your home, then One’s Need can be the best choice for you. One’s Need is a packaged drinking water delivery app that helps fulfill the rising demand of packaged water, without the need for you to step out.

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