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Types of Water That You Can Consume

We all have heard people saying or suggesting to drink more water. However, staying hydrated is important but one should understand how much water should be consumed by one depends on the person. You may not know but this offers you a higher energy level with improvising your brain function, and many more health benefits. you should know that not all kind of water is created equally with a few being cheap and others being nutritional and beneficial. Well, in this post, we will be discussing all types of water that one can consume. Below listed are some of them.

Tap Water: 

This is actually a very basic pipe water supply that can be found everywhere, installed at any residential or commercial place. This is actually used for cleaning our utensils, glassware, bathroom, and often for consumption. Though many prefer not to drink tap water due to safety concerns many across the nation prefer to drink tap water without any hesitation. Why? Not only because it is good for you but also because it is absolutely free. However, as per certain studies, it has been proven that they contain harmful elements such as rust, lead, and other undesirable substance. It is often believed that although many treatments are performed on the water that is being supplied to you via tap it contains all the dirt and rust in the drain.

Mineral Water:

Now, this is actually one of the most trusted and popular kinds of water that is pulled from a mineral spring as the professional states, it is full of beneficial minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Having all the elements that are healthy and good for you, it is advised to consume mineral water if you are concerned about your health. Mineral packaged drinking water without a doubt contains all the beneficial elements that provide your body the right minerals that it cannot produce on its own. It also helps with digestion and actually tastes better than tap water. However, they are a bit costly in comparison to tap water.

Spring Water:

You should know that spring water or even glacier water is the kind of bottled water that claims to be packaged from where the water begins to flow- i.e., spring or glacier. Theoretically, spring or glacier water is much cleaner and is toxin-free. They include beneficial minerals that can also be found in mineral water. However, they are a bit expensive as the spring water is raw and unfiltered or untreated, and are sold by leading brands at a great deal.

Sparkling Water:  

So, this type of water is called carbonated water or even soda water that is infused with carbon dioxide gas. Sparking water provides a certain kind of feel to the mouth. They offer your mouth an amazing fizzy taste without adding sugar or artificial sweeteners. You can find flavoured sparkling water and they are mineralized so you can enjoy health-promoting minerals. Now, you must know that while there are some minerals in sparkling water, they are not entirely beneficial for your health.

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