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Underscoring the Merits of Safe Drinking Water Post Pandemic

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus disease) across the globe, bottles of hand sanitiser, disinfecting liquids or sprays, and wipes flew off the store. However, the shopping carts were full of daily supplies including groceries, surface disinfectants, water bottles, and more. It is important to remember that the water bottles that once were stocked during the initial months of lockdown and pandemic slowly started to run out. Now, it is important to understand that access to fresh and clean water is essential as it is a necessity. Although the virus is not waterborne as per the WHO (World Health Organization) research, more and more people are avoiding drinking from the taps or the one that comes by the municipal water system.

So what now? As seen on the hoarding about the importance of fresh water and as per the research of health experts, water from the tap may not be perfectly healthy as they come out with rust, debris, and dirt from the drain. People nowadays trust packaged drinking water instead of tap water due to many health reasons. Now, those who are abiding by the guidelines cannot access a source of clean and fresh water. Well, Americans are fortunate enough to consume the safe yet reliable water on the earth due to guidelines by federal law. However, it is not as common and lucky for Indians, especially for those who live in low-income communities. Yes, such communities and rural areas face many complexities especially related to water. Luckily, as mentioned earlier, there is no evidence stating that coronavirus can be transmitted via water but the failure of freshwater supply can trigger many other diseases. Considering that, it is important to have access to fresh and reliable packaged drinking water at your home.

It is important to address the issue and give attention to the resources of water to combat the pandemic. Along with Covid-19, there are rising cases of Black Fungus and Yellow Fungus, it is extremely important to keep up with hygiene in your home and everything you consume.

We all are aware of all the preparation that has to be done after a disaster regarding the consumption of clean water, similarly, you need to ensure that you have access to fresh and clean water at home.

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