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Ways to Protect Yourself from Contaminated Tap Water

Ways to Protect Yourself from Contaminated Tap Water

Clean water is vital it keeps us healthy and free from diseases. Safe drinking water must be accessible to all. However, the reality is different! Access to clean drinking water is a struggle. Let’s understand this in-depth in this article.

What are the most toxic water pollutants?

  • Lead – This stands as the most common contaminant found in tap water. Lead pipes, fittings, and leaches contaminate water.
  • Chromium-6 – This chemical has affected many households. 
  • PFAS – Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances are associated with cancer and diminishing immunity. 
  • 1,4- Dioxane – It is found in varnishes, detergents, plastics, and detergents.
  • Atrazine – Common pesticide found to be very harmful when present in water. 

How to protect yourself from contaminated Tap Water?

  • Get Water tested – First things first, to know the quality of water you can get your water tested by certified laboratories. You can send in the water sample to a NABL accredited lab and get it tested to know the level of impurities it has. 
  • Boil the water – It would be safe to say that you can boil the water to ensure it is safe to drink. Disease-causing organisms, including viruses, bacteria, and parasites, are destroyed as they are boiled. If you pour water from one tub to another and then leave it to stand for a few hours, you can enhance the flat flavour of boiling water. You can even apply a pinch of salt for each quart or litre of boiled water.

In situations where the water is cloudy,

  • We advise using filtered water. Allow it to settle, then strain it through a clean rag, paper towel, or coffee filter.
  • Draw off the clean water.
  • Put the boiling water to boil for a minute.
  • Fill clean sanitized containers of water and keep the lids airtight.
  • Using clean and sanitised containers with secure covers to hold the boiling water.
  • Filter the Water – Despite their efficacy at minimising pollutants, carbon filters in pitchers and faucet-mounted systems are still used largely. Only by adding a reverse osmosis filtration device can you be assured that the water is fully pure. Any gallon of Water city must go through this multi-step process. There are portable water filters as well that are commonly used. 
  • Drink Bottled Water – The quality of packaged drinking water isn’t questionable unless the water brand is new or has a bad reputation in the market. Every packaged drinking water plant employs different quality checks to ensure the water quality is optimum best. Given the scarcity of clean drinking water, the demand for packaged drinking water has dramatically risen over the years. You can now get in touch with an online water delivery service to deliver packaged drinking water to you at your doorstep. 

Water is essential for survival! When this basic necessity becomes harmful and dangerous for health, it is time to take some stern actions. If you are too lazy to boil the water or don’t wish to get a water filter installed in a rented apartment, or for any other reason don’t have access to clean drinking water, then order your packaged drinking water bottle in bulk with One’s Need. We are a reliable water delivery partner committed to fulfiling your water requirement. 

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